Lily Allen – Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)

Look, we’ve never really made our love for Lily Allen a secret. We could write reams on the woman, her songwriting, her politics, and a whole lot more (and yep, we still think Sheezus is hugely underrated). And if you kept your eye on social media last night – or can engage in some, achem, crafty googling – you’d have heard her rather brilliant new song Trigger Bang, featuring Giggs and produced by Fryars. We’ve obviously had a listen (and another, and another) so here’s everything you need to know about this trigger-banger…

  • In a surprising move, it actually starts with Giggs (although one wonders if his presence is needed given how strong the rest of the song is). His lines about grabbing ‘a few grams and a few grand’ are pretty indicative of where we’re going, which is…


  • …Lily Allen is as disillusioned with fame as always. But there’s something world-weary in her tone, something that evokes empathy while you’re bopping along to it.


  • That’s partly helped by Fryars’ excellent production (man’s having a solid year on top of the Rae Morris gems). It’s deceptively playful but allows Allen to flow over a Paper Planes-type chorus that will just. Not. Leave. Your. Head.


  • Lyrically, it’s pretty much up there with her best. “That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang, everyone’s a trigger, bang bang bang” sums up so much millennial ennui that’s only exacerbated in higher circles. Depression, anxiety, BPD, OCD, and any sort of psychological illness will find some comfort in the chorus here.


  • “I never got home for Neighbours” is a cultural epithet for our times.


  • Lily Allen’s voice is one we’ve both missed and one we’ve felt is sorely needed in these times. She’s essentially one of us – trying to make sense of the world (via her own unusual upbringing) but through deceptive ditties that have always gone way beyond the surface. She’s grown, she’s over people’s bullshit, and even though this is so low-key, one message is clear: chat shit, get trigger-banged.

Article Name
Lily Allen - Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)
Lily Allen - Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)