Little Boots – Motorway

Oh, how lovely. Just last week we posted a little-known something on our PressPLAYLIST from young Ms Hesketh, and now here she is again reminding us that Blackpool has a lot to be thankful for beyond the Big One and that laughing clown in a box on the Pleasure Beach.

Whether Motorway was written about the M1 or A68 is irrelevant (there’s a great Welcome Break on one of them, we’re certain), it brings us back to what made Little Boots exciting in the first place. Tinges of Saint Etienne and the right shades of Madge make this the sort of thing you can imagine cruising to under the sunset on that long eponymous road – even if it is the M62 to Bradford. Which it probably is. 

UPDATE: Turns out it *is* actually about the M62, according to the lass herself. So there you have it.