M.I.A. – Boom ADD

Firstly, according to M.I.A. herself, this is not a new song (rather the result of a hard drive clean up, which we really wish more acts would do). But even if this is from way back when, the post-NFL only proves just how ahead of the times M.I.A. is in everything she does. After all, her bars on Boom ADD about cultural hypocrisy and appropriation have never been more relevant – “boom boom jungle music, go back to India” / “Beatles in the 60s, Timbaland and Missy” – and the tongue-in-cheek ‘boom shakalaka’ refrain certainly feels like an anthem for any pro-subcontinent descendant. Like her. And us. So there.


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M.I.A. - Boom ADD
M.I.A. - Boom ADD