Maud in Cahoots: Your new favourite band with sisters in

Maud in Cahoots is literally a Dublin girl called Maud ‘in cahoots’ with her sister Zoe. They’ve been gigging away with their violins and cellos and tubas on the unsigned circuit for a few years, but we think and hope that ‘Dance with Me’ this could be their breakout tune. It reminds us a tiny bit of that criminally unsuccessful ‘Panic’ by War of Words last year, even though it doesn’t really sound anything like it. 
There are also shades (although this is somewhat under-selling them) of Tegan and Sara, Florence, and decent Ladytron in there too.
It’s quite easy to describe a lot of female vocalists around at the moment  as ‘unique’, when often we find that ‘annoying’ would be a more suitable word. Maud’s vocal style is her own, but it sounds gorgeous and smooth and inviting and effortless, rather than affected and different for the sake of it.