Moxie Raia – 931

There’s one act that’s been turning not only our heads, but also the heads of many important people in the industry. Of course, some people may not be surprised when they find out that young Moxie Raia is backed by one Scooter Braun, but to be perfectly frank that would count for shit if not in itself backed up by some genuine talent. And that’s what Raia has in droves on her 931 mixtape, which also features the likes of Pusha T and Wyclef Jean. She makes light work of songs like Hey Love and Healer as if they’re already revered as modern R&B classics, although with this encouraging body of work, surely that acoolade isn’t far off. Check it out below.

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Moxie Raia - 931
Moxie Raia - 931