New Music Friday: Elle Watson, Maad, Anaïs, & more

Look, THERE’S SO MUCH BLOODY MUSIC ALL ONE DAY AGAIN, WHAT A GENIUS FUCKING IDEA THAT WAS FROM THE INDUSTRY TO GET THEIR SONGS NOTICED. Achem. Anyway, luckily we’re on hand to give you the best and, of course, the worst…

Elle Watson – Suspended
Right we have been sitting on this for weeks waiting to share it and what better way to lead our NMF round-up than one of the best songs we’ve heard for months. Elle Watson should be a star already (she wrote this when she was 17, appaz) but Suspended should bloody well cement it – seriously, find us a chorus this tremendous. You can’t, can you? And if you can, well, you’re a liar. So shush.

MAAD – New Religion
One of the best R&B-funk EPs people slept on was by New York’s MAAD. But she ain’t mad, we ain’t mad, and she’s still MAAD, meaning New Religion is another belter from our fave New Yorker. This is R&B that’s easy to love and beautifully crafted, and we’ve put it so high on our list for bloody good reason.

Anaïs- Nina
A top, top debut this, and one that evokes the holy name of Nina. We don’t know much about Anaïs apart from the fact that her R&B is breathtaking – it takes its time to break out into a confident, layered gem that we’re still marvelling at. Honestly, everything about this is gobsmackingly good, and we’re stunned it’s a first effort.

Shallou – Lie (feat. Riah)
Normally we can’t be arsed with these producer/feature type songs, but Lie is a bit different. There’s something ever so gentle about the way it compliments Riah’s vocal, fluttering along like a happy little camper and not pissing us off the way most of these kinds of songs do. So well done, because this is rather nice.

Cosby – Milestone
Yes, they unfortunately share a surname with a known nonce. But don’t let that put you off Cosby, because they’ve impressed us once again with their new track. They’ve got a solid knack for melody amid all that synth-driven indie-pop, and we can assure you that you’re life can only get better with this little Milestone.

Patawawa – Song For Sam
More indie-pop, this time with a dose of laidback funk. We already premiered Patawawa‘s (God, we’ll never get over that name) Song For Sam, and now they’re delivering their EP with Song For Sam. It’s more top-notch stuff from an underrated new band, let us tell you that for free.

Dahlia Sleeps – Blackout
Everyone knows we love Dahlia Sleeps. And who can blame us? Look at their track record, done further immaculate justice with this new song Blackout. This one is a stirring yet mournful piano ballad that gives them further depth, a song about loss that will nag on your little tear ducts till you give in. Wooft.

Soirees – Borderline
Soirees are another fancy word for parties, so it makes sense that this duo are a fancier way of presenting pop. Both Sb and Blueyes bring out the best in each other over this lavish piano jam, those gorgeous stabs being the perfect bed for contemporary soul. Pass us the crudites, we’re staying.

Hannah Epperson – 20/20 (Amelia)
If you want something a bit different today, then Hannah Epperson is doing some fascinating things with alt-pop. There are classical notes, there’s classic form, and there’s modern, pounding beats for quite an experience. Proper good.

Lucy Rose – All That Fear
Finishing us off (so to speak) is the endless warmth of Lucy Rose. This one was recorded for her excellent and underrated last album, a cosy arrangement that brings out everything special about marvellous Ms Rose. All That Fear is an antidote to manufactured electronica that, really, makes us unafraid for this lady’s future career.

Other good ‘uns: Olivia Noelle is out here making some potential-filled pop. Sky Keller and Elohim are doing the same. There’s some nice indie-folk from In Tall Buildings, lovely musings from Alice Boman, mad-good electronic-funk from Magdalena Bay and NTEIBINT, and that’s your New Music Friday lot for now.

What to avoid: Justin Timberlake (again). Zedd. The Vaccines. Basically straight white men doing the absolute most as per. And Julia Michaels, her Fifty Shades song is shit too.

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