New Music Friday: James Bay, Luke Burr, The Aces, & more

Christ, a bit of a dearth this New Music Friday ain’t there? Probably because most of the good stuff came out earlier this week. Anyway, on we go…

James Bay – Wild Love
James Bay? The same James Bay we gave a one-star review for his debut? Well, it shows you how dull New Music Friday is if we’ve managed to get sucked in by this transparent reinvention. But fair play to the man: a swish new haircut with a swish new producer and we’re ready for James Bay to turn into James Vincent McMorrow. Don’t judge us.

Luke Burr – Too Far Gone
Look, we’re bored of Gemma Collins and her fake antics so it’s time we had a new rep for Essex. Luke Burr (that surname makes him sound like he’s cold) makes a mark with this piano-backed and rather soulful ballad. It brings in a variety of elements and influences and wears them ever so well. If James Bay is wearing the emperor’s new clothes, Luke Burr is owning a very enticing nakedness.

The Aces – Volcanic Love
Urgh, these girls our so good it makes our hearts hurt. The Aces are a model of what a perfect girl band should be: refined, confident and, well, volcanic even at their quietest and most tender moments. Just like this precious little cut, whose chorus is all sorts of wonderful. WELL DONE GIRLS.

Eliza – Livid
Honestly, we’re so here for the reinvention of Eliza Doolittle. Livid is the slow-jam you need this week, gently sensual and roundly sexual as all of those teenybop memories are officially consigned to the past. Reinventions happen a lot, but rarely do they hit us the way Eliza’s has.

Marshmello x Anne-Marie – FRIENDS
Look, we’re mainly here for Anne-Marie. The woman is so charismatic she could sell anything to us, including old jughead’s new production. It’s not anything super-special, but it’s pretty good radio pop with an enjoyable chorus that we’ll definitely accept for now. Again, don’t judge us. Or maybe do for this one.

LKA – Let’s Take It Back
LKA always delivers. The Finnish pop gal is pretty tight on Let’s Take It Back, giving us a pop jam that zings with a lightness of touch and a youthful zest that she by all counts should have run out of by now. But she hasn’t. And she’s here. And she’s still ace. So there.

Praa – Do It All Again
We introduced you to Praa a while back, and with good reason. She’s once again winning us over with a song that’s so easy-going you think she might have just bashed this out in her sleep. Either way, she’s two for two now and we can’t wait to do it all again with her soon.

Fieh – 25
One of our favourite new acts of recent times has been Fieh, and that’s been cemented with this new track. 25 is a slower offering than the first but no less entrancing, a brilliant soul-leaning waltz that sticks out for its originality and catchiness. What more do you want?

Hannie – Cosmic Bound (feat. Carys Selvey)
Well the ladies of music just keep on smashing it, don’t they? New act HANNIE – aka Hannah Koppenburg and Annie Wagstaff – met at uni and have delivered a proper banger with the help of our old friend Carys Selvey. Honestly, this is such a fun and upbeat addition to our NMF playlist we fear we may not evolve beyond it. Yep, that good.

Also good: The new Baum track is alright, Braille Face gives us his best Thom Yorke again, and we did miss it last week but Jesse Saint John may well have launched the biggest banger you never heard. Au/Ra goes full Banks on a pretty solid new song too.

What to avoid: Calvin Harris, lord knows what you’re doing but we’d like you to stop. And honestly, there is nothing less sexy than the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. Jay Sean has a track called Emergency, which quite frankly just makes us want to put him in the emergency room. No baby no.