New Music Friday: JOY., ZAE, Vera, & more

Yes, it’s that time of the week. Again. Same thing happens every Friday, you can’t exactly be surprised any more. Anyway, what’s unsurprising is our heady female charge once again on that NMF front, so here ya go…

JOY. – Change
Well JOY. continues to live up to her name, doesn’t she? Change is such a wonderful and low-key way to start off our New Music Friday round-up this week, a breathy piano ballad that turns all of JOY.’s previous electronic wizardry over its head for a knockout heartbreaker. Wooft.

ZAE – F.W.U.
No prizes for guessing what those initials stand for, but our pal ZAE is someone you definitely need to fuck with. This is the breeziest song of the week, a likeable romp of tropical influnces with bouncy R&B-pop that makes this whole blogging thing quite pleasant you know.

Raveena – I Won’t Mind
Hello, we introduced this wonder woman ages ago and we are very pleased everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Because our ethnic homegirl is brilliant on this new piano-driven song, full of simplicity and old-world charm that doesn’t need any tricks to be utterly, utterly brilliant.

Taya – Skin (feat. Lotto Boyz)
Insert your own joke about having a Lotto Boyz here. We’re more interested in the lithe movements of Liverpool act Taya, who returns to our lives after a while with this peppy little number. It’s light on its feet, rich with R&B melody, and well worth your time.

Mauwe – Gold
Well these kids know how to make a good song, don’t they? Which is even more remarkable given how young Mauwe‘s career is. Gold is dripping in just that, a downtempo millennial jam that rumbles along before giving way to a gorgeous little chorus. They’re on to something, this lot.

Vera – Diamonds
Ending with something endlessly fun and full of sax now, and Vera is the man for all sorts of jobs with his new song. It sounds like very little else out there at the moment, a mixture of pop and leftfield indie fare, all wrapped up in the most confident and charismatic package you ever did see.

Other good ‘uns: Bellhouse and Kara Marni have lovely new songs, and Mae Muller‘s new EP is very much the mark of a bright and refreshing new talent.

What to avoid: The Chainsmokers. Muse. The patriarchy of Spotify’s own playlist. For fuck’s sake.

Article Name
New Music Friday: JOY., ZAE, Vera, & more
New Music Friday: JOY., ZAE, Vera, & more
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