New Music Friday: Louisa, Duke Dumont, Stine Bramsen, & more

Well, it’s a spectacularly dull New Music Friday compared to most, but there are some bloody surprising tracks in here. Starting with…

Louisa – YES
OK, so we can see the Xtina comparison. But bloody hell Louisa, what a way to reignite your solo career. This is ridiculously good pop, from the siren to those vocals to the Scandalous-style chorus; so good in fact that a 2 Chainz feature can’t even slow its roll. Blimey.

Duke Dumont – Inhale (feat. Ebenezer)
Duke Dumont has a formula, this much is true. Sunny, ocean-side beats with a dose of funk, throw in a guest vocalist and you’re sorted. And hey, it works a treat on Inhale, in great part thanks to Ebenezer’s kinetic performance. “Maybe I’ma need another hit,” he sings on the track – it might be in a different context, but a hit is what they certainly have here.

Stine Bramsen – You’re Not Giving Up
The Alphabeat reunion ain’t happening any time soon, but thank fuck for Stine Bramsen still making music. You’re Not Giving Up starts off more sombre than her last effort, but don’t be fooled. Wait for that beat breakdown over the chorus and tell us she ain’t making some proper inventive pop material.

ORKID – Wasted
Over to Sweden now for some delightful pop. ORKID is Matilda Melin, and she storms out of the gates today with Wasted. It’s a deftly produced jam that ticks all our little boxes, rounded off by a chorus that makes self-destruction sound a total treat. Quite the achievement.

I Am Karate – Expectations
We’ve loved I Am Karate for so, so long and it’s a joy to see them back in the game. Expectations is one of their best songs yet, a lilting little jam that coasts along with breezy beats and a chorus that gets them the high they talk about. Lovely business.

Anna Leone – If You Only
More beauty from Sweden, but this time a much more restrained affair. Anna Leone is a tremendous alt-folk artist, and If You Only needs mere seconds to have you hooked in with its intricate songwriting. If you fancy something a lil different, here you go.

Emma McGrath – Butterfly
Emma McGrath is a proper talent. We knew that from her last release, but now she shows off a more playful and vibrant side to her sound with Butterfly. This is the sort of work that makes you exciting about British female acts again, from the cadence to the charisma and everything in between. Not to be missed.

Also good: Our old pals Nimmo are back and channelling the spirit of La Roux with the dancefloor banger Too Late; meanwhile Nicole Millar has a nice little earworm on her hands thanks to Gimme A Break (both below).

Avoid like the plague: The Chainsmokers. Jesus wept what an atrocity. Same goes for that Yungen x Jess Glynne track. Kygo and Miguel give us a collab no one asked for, and unfortunately Sigrid disappoints with a relentlessly boring new one. No thanks.

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New Music Friday: Louisa, Duke Dumont, Stine Bramsen, & more
New Music Friday: Louisa, Duke Dumont, Stine Bramsen, & more