New Music Friday: Rae Morris, Lilly Ahlberg, ISA, & more

New year, new us… except we genuinely mean it, unlike your next fam doing a Boomerang of six squat thrusts in a gym for two weeks in January before getting bored. We’re so over New Music Friday dumping shitloads on us every week so we thought we’d indulge in a little self-care (and teach the music industry a lesson at the same time). From now on, every Friday will not see a mountain of posts from us, but one handy round-up of new additions to our Spotify playlist (below and right). We may also use it to stick the boot into new releases we’re not so keen on. But for now, here we go… 

Rae Morris – Push Me To My Limit
What better way to kick off this list off than with the brilliant Rae Morris. Her upcoming album is so bloody good (the first essential pop record of 2018) that we want to publish our review already and shout from the rooftops about it. For now, here’s Push Me To My Limit, which is one of the lower-key tracks on the record, but still bloody brilliant in its slow unfurling grace. Sigh.

Lilly Ahlberg – Bad Boys
Bad Boys, bad boys, whatchu gonna do… let PPOK newbie Lilly Ahlberg write a song about you, that’s what. This one is a lovely little ditty that takes no time wrapping itself around you, much like the slithery creatures of its title, and this Swedish gal performs the fuck out of it. Altogether now, in that Titanic voice: AHLBERG, RIGHT AHEAD. Or something.

ISA – Perfect
It didn’t make it to Spotify’s NMF list but it’s here on ours – lovely ISA is even better than the one that Amanda Lamb used to tell us to save up for in those Scottish Widows adverts, and at least we can make sense of this one. Look, there are no awards for lyrics like “some days I’m really lazy, I just wanna lay down” or that google-bothering name, but it’s still fun and very well produced.

Soleima – Low Life
We’ve never made our love for Soleima a secret, and the rather excellent young Londoner completes our power-packed list of females with the excellent Low Life. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and it’s a fine introduction to her talent if you haven’t heard her before. Which you should have. You fools.

MGMT – Hand It Over
You know what, you’d be forgiven for thinking that MGMT were past it, over and done with, gone to the great band graveyard in the TV-sync sky. But Hand It Over is so unbelievably lovely that we’re sorry we ever slagged them off. The use of the backing vocals is so damn beautiful that it might just be our favourite song of NMF this week.

Justin Timberlake – Filthy
We’ll admit it took us a while. THOSE FUCKING GUITARS, that’s what threw us. But actually, we’re so glad that Justin Timberlake is back with something like Filthy. That bassline is exactly that, it’s the furthest thing from reductive, it’s the sort of refreshing pop sound that eschews boredom, and we’re totally here for it (but not its weird Sophia-bait video). Just drop the guitars next time would you, poppet.

Other bits: The new Superorganism and Carmen Rosa tracks are very good. Cardi B just gave Bruno Mars some major cred with that Finesse remix (though this all-female megamix just trounced everything else). And we’ll never admit it in public, but Charlie Puth x Boyz II Men is lovely.

What to avoid: As someone on Twitter rightly messaged us, the Rita Ora x Liam Payne track is like an awful charity single. We haven’t missed The Vaccines, Jonas Blue needs to do one, and that’s your lot for now.

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New Music Friday: Rae Morris, Lilly Ahlberg, ISA, & more
New Music Friday: Rae Morris, Lilly Ahlberg, ISA, & more