New Music Friday: Skott, Kali Uchis, Fabich, Craig David & more

It’s that time of the week again: a barrage of new music good and bad, the best of which hits our Spotify playlist. Of course, you should already be on the Troye Sivan, Nina Nesbitt, and Camila Cabello vibes, but here’s everything else you should be listening to. Oh, and everything you need to avoid…

Skott – Stay Off My Mind EP
Remember that excessively irritating Peter, Bjorn, & John track Young Folks? The whistling one from that ad you couldn’t escape from? Well it takes some nerve bringing that back to public consciousness, and even we didn’t expect our dear Skott to change our perspective it on it. But change it she has, as Stay Off My Mind (from the EP of the same name) is an unmistakable demonstration of pop prowess, giving old wine the freshest new bottle. The rest of the EP is pretty bangin’ too, and In The Mood another highlight that really cements her status as hot property.

Kali Uchis – After The Storm (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins)
Come on, as if we need to start detailing the merits of these three acts. Kali Uchis brings the smoothest R&B vibes, Tyler has that spike, and Uncle Bootsy delivers the funk sounds on this tremendous laidback jam, one that’ll have you grabbing a cocktail and filling up your local potholes and divots with chlorinated water just for that poolside vibe, even if you’re in Cleethorpes. Yep, that good.

Fabich x A-Minor – Naked Lines (feat. Aaron Pfeiffer)
Fret thee not, this isn’t some unsavoury and more extreme version of Blurred Lines. Instead producer Fabich and our old pal A-Minor come together with vocalist Aaron Pfeiffer for one of the week’s best tracks. Naked Lines blends soul, sensuality, even sexuality over some relaxed and ambient beats that’s really quite hard to resist. Kinda makes us want to get naked ourselves to be honest. (Side note: we’ve heard the rest of Fabich’s upcoming EP and trust us, it’s a corker.)

Craig David – Live In The Moment (feat. GoldLink) 
Say what you want about Craig David – trust us we do, such as discussing fantasies in which we only call him dad – he’s playing an absolute blinder with this second coming. After a solid stint working with Kaytranada, he’s now linked up with, er, GoldLink for this lesson in seduction, that too in a very Craig David way. In other words, it is fucking great. For fucking. And also not fucking. Look, it’s very good.

REFS – Bound To Lose
Oh those saucy little REFS boys. Bound To Lose comes with some loose handcuffs as its artwork, which to be honest we will more than happily take and use their name as our safeword based on a track like this. It pulses with their usual bright and energetic ribbon of electronic pop, and it’s by far one of the better tracks to be released this week and the right one to keep up their winning streak.

Kaptan – Hardest Part
Indie is dead, they say! Well, if you’re talking about all raucous bollock-swinging then yes you’re right and we shan’t shed a single tear for that LadBible crap. Where sense lies these days is in blending indie with the fabric of pop etc, like Kaptan does on Hardest Part. It’s breezy, it’s effortless, and it won’t make you resent hearing a male vocal again. How lovely.

SYML – Harvest Moon
If you want something a bit softer and quieter this week then try SYML. The Seattle man’s In My Body EP is a thing of restrained wonder, all twinkly beats on songs like Harvest Moon and Wildfire. The former in particular is a marriage of ambient production and piano that’ll gently balance all the loudness from the rest of the day’s releases. Lovely.

Rhye – Song For You
The original babymaking music of our generation to be honest. Rhye inspired a whole wave of hushed tones, but they keep their own as fresh and wholesome as possible, building their Song For You in delicate and warm ways that no one else could manage. We’re very excited for their new album, so get the scented candles and lube ready.

Other good ‘uns: Maybe we’ve been penetrated by the ghost of 2003, but the new Franz Ferdinand track is tickling our indie pickle. Justine Skye is unsurprisingly great with the R&B on Heaven, and Emily Burns takes no pop prisoners on Bitch. And finally, a late entry coming our way but we’re big fans of this FØNX track, Don’t Feel Like Lovin’, below.

What to avoid: Seriously, how do you mix Jorja Smith with Stormzy and still get the most boring track of the last 12 months? What a disappointment. Oh and Fifty Shades Freed once again serves us audio prison gruel with the awful Hailee Steinfeld x BloodPop thing. Sure it gets us in the mood for a bit of rough, in that we want to punch our speakers. Sigh.

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New Music Friday: Skott, Kali Uchis, Fabich, Craig David & more
New Music Friday: Skott, Kali Uchis, Fabich, Craig David & more