New Music Friday: The Aces, Colouring, BB Diamond, & more

Oh it rolls around quickly this New Music Friday, doesn’t it? And every bloody time the official Spotify playlist fucks it. Well, you can always find a more detailed discussion of the week gone by on our podcast, but while you’re waiting for the next episode here’s what we’re loving (and what we’re not)… 

The Aces – Waiting For You
Thank fuck for The Aces. Honestly, we’ve heard their debut album and it’s full of radio-ready jams that deserve to be heard. The latest of these is their more low-key effort, with Waiting For You being more of a gentle singalong than usual, but no less wonderful. D’awww.

Colouring – Time
Indie gets a bad rap these days, but when it’s done well it can still bang. Colouring have always represented it well, adding a dollop of heart to their expert production; Time is no different, slowly drawing you in before giving you a big old wallop with a chorus to remember. There may be life in the old genre yet.

BB Diamond – Man or Monster
And now for our first hit of proper old-fashioned banging pop. BB Diamond is back after ages and we’re much richer for it, given Man or Monster is an immaculately-produced pop gem that blows so much other shit out of the water this week. There’s charisma and personality here in droves, and a welcome return for an underrated talent.

Now for a little bit of funk from New Zealand as HIGH HØØPS gets us grooving with his Body. It’s a pretty irresistible blend of influences from the LEISURE man, with a knack for both melody and getting things pretty sensual with what appears to be minimal effort. So smooth we’re practically sliding off it.

7Chariot – Danger In Me
7Chariot is the stage name of Nashville’s Claire Wilkinson. This is the song she properly makes an impact with, a lilting affair of peppy pop that is so rich with melody across its three-and-a-half minutes that you can’t help but marvel. File under ‘impossible to dislike’.

Olivera – No More
Reliable synth-pop next from Olivera here. The upcoming Finnish pop gal has already proven she can deliver a brilliant example of the genre, and this one is certainly one of the more likeable releases of the week. It races along with a bit of innocence, held together by Olivera’s charm to make it stand out from the crowd.

Oli Hannaford – Lust
We’ve always loved ourselves a bit of Oli Hannaford, floating along with his dreamy electronic funk-pop whenever he offers it up. Lust is another example of what he does best, rich in melody and with enough twists and turns to keep us very much keen on him as an act to watch.

Lovespeake – Imagination
Something a tad sweeter now from Norway’s Lovespeake. Here’s a man who relentlessly delivers hook after hook and infectious chorus after infectious chorus, and he does it with way more class than most can manage across a career. Imagination is harmless, it’s easy to enjoy, and it’s all you sometimes need in good pop.

Also good: Essie Holt is really rather lovely on her low-key & pulsing new song Magnetise, while queer pop act Twinkids remain charming on their quirky Jigoku Tengoku (both below).

Not so good: Pretty much all of Spotify’s own playlist. Seriously, who is curating this shit at the moment? An absolute beige-wash of me-too pop that really makes us wonder what level of political brainwashing is going on behind the scenes. We’ll stick to our own playlist instead, thanks.

Article Name
New Music Friday: The Aces, Colouring, HIGH HØØPS, & more
New Music Friday: The Aces, Colouring, HIGH HØØPS, & more