New Music Friday: Tove Styrke, Cloves, Saux, & more

It’s New Music Friday time and honestly, we could just start and end it with our favourite Swede. But there are some other good things too, so here’s your best and worst as usual…

Tove Styrke – Changed My Mind
What more can we say about 100% the greatest woman in pop at the moment? Everything she touches turns to gold, and Changed My Mind is another stormer of a pop song from a woman who deserves to sell out stadia. It’s got that Styrke insouciance and a hell of a chorus, so we will say it even louder for those at the back: this is Tove Styrke‘s world and we’re just living in it.

Saux – Lukewarm (Only You)
Saux, we imagine, is not related to Graeme Le (ooh, hark at us with an old-school footy reference). But he certainly is no stranger to these pages, and Lukewarm (Only You) could not be more inapplicable a title, despite the excellent use of parentheses. This is a funky, guitar-squelching hot jam that really reminds us why we’ve covered him so damn much, and why he still remains exciting after all this time.

Cloves – Bringing The House Down
Oh, how the world needs to wake up to Cloves. She’s the future of major label talent, blessed with spike and personality on top of that incredible voice. On Bringing The House Down she does just that with the help of rich, warm production and a memorable performance. Welcome back, precious lady.

Oli Hannaford – The Crown
Has our favourite rising star been on a Netflix binge? Well, no, because in his own words The Crown is about depression, and the other thing we do know is that it’s a spectacular demonstration of talent. Jazz links with funk, soul, and pop for quite possibly the most inventive and likeable moment of New Music Friday this week. What a guy.

Patrick Dorgan – Safe Here
Over to Denmark now, and some male pop types who aren’t being a waste of space like Justin Timberlake. Patrick Dorgan delivers a sound worth savouring, a slow-building that infers threesomes and whatnot before building to a most enjoyable chorus. We’re already looking forward to a second helping. Or a third, if threesomes really are involved.

Malena Zavala – Could You Stay
Shame on us for not picking up on Malena Zavala earlier. But better late than never, as Could You Stay is a wonderful example of songwriting. It swoons with a dreamy alt-pop styling, putting Zavala’s voice front and centre in a track that will certainly win her more fans.

Sam Wills – Kool Aid
We’ve always thought Sam Wills was hugely underrated, and it’s nice to see he’s not letting anything deter him from staying the course of excellence. Kool Aid might take a known trope but it emerges as something classy, soulful, and impeccably delivered. Tremendous work.

Whinnie Williams – Sorry Now
WW is on a roll, isn’t she? Sorry Now completes a bit of a hat-trick, a downtempo confessional that really highlights everything we love about her. It’s an unhurried track that has full confidence in its apology, delivered as it is with a class and sincerity. Oh, and it just happens to be wrapped up in some very, very nice production indeed.

LOVA – You Me and The Silence
Well this sounds like the arrival of a proper pop star, doesn’t it? You can just feel the potential bursting out of Sweden’s LOVA, with this track being a very worthy introduction to her on these pages. There’s a familiarity but a freshness that’s hard to master, but you can hear it for yourself below.

Other good ‘uns: Lilla Vargen has done alright again. Pat Lok x Sam Fischer is a great look, as is Kehlani and Reva Devito’s new ones (below).

What to avoid: Iggy Azalea x666.

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New Music Friday: Tove Styrke, Cloves, Saux, & more
New Music Friday: Tove Styrke, Cloves, Saux, & more