PREMIERE: Noella Nix – Someone

When we decide to get behind someone, you know there’s gonna be something special. In terms of pop this year, there have been very few people who have impressed us as much as young Noella Nix from Australia. We’re super proud to be premiering her new track Someone here today, a supremely accomplished slice of dark pop that ought to catapult her into the big leagues for 2016.

Says Noella: “Someone is about my absolute love and passion for music, it is about this “entity” or unexplainable feeling that often comes to me in my dreams. Someone doesn’t need to be a person or a human it can be anything or anyone, really.┬áThe verses are short reflections about a period in my life where I stopped making music and totally lost myself and my direction. This song is like a celebration for finding myself.”

Check it out below.

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PREMIERE: Noella Nix - Someone
PREMIERE: Noella Nix - Someone