PressPLAYLIST: The week in music

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You’ve already heard us expound the virtues of Little Mix, Daughn Gibson, and Juliyaa this week. Here’s what else has been on the PressPLAYLIST…

Jessie Ware & Benzel – If You Love Me
Glorious cover of a 90s R&B hit, Ms Ware getting back to her roots, can’t say fairer than that. (Her R&B roots, that is, not her London Jewish roots. Else we’ll be hearing a dubstep Hava Nagila and sending mitzvahs all round.)

Charli XCX – Cold Nites (How to Dress Well) Remix
This girl. THIS GIRL. We’ve been touting Charli XCX since Nuclear Seasons, and then a couple of weeks ago she dropped the utterly incredible Super Ultra mixtape (download it for free hither). PressPLAY are gigantic fans of Tom Krell as it is – his falsetto gets our vas deferens in a twist – so this union is perhaps the greatest in music since Marvin and Rochelle. 2013 is all yours, love… especially since we’re all a bit over Azealia Banks now.

Autre Ne Veut – Counting
Talking about How to Dress Well reminds us of Autre Ne Veut, another mysterious purveyor of neo-R&B. His raw self-titled first album (containing the swell New Depth) has proven to be decent training for a more produced and refined second album, Anxiety. Yes, the same name as Ladyhawke’s second album. Originality is dead.

The Staves – The Motherlode
Oh yes, we do like a bit of folk here too at PressPLAY (minus Mumford & C*nts, they can do one). This trio of sisters – along with HAIM this seems to be a ‘thing’ now, apparently – create sumptuous pastoral pop in their album Dead Born & Grown, a highlight of which is The Motherlode. Perfect to see out the autumn.

Lana Del Rey – Cola
Everyone’s getting on the Lana-slagging bandwagon these days, but the fact is: she’s prettier than all of us so she can do whatever the bloody hell she wants. One such thing is to start a song with the words “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola”, which raises all manner of questions: Did she miss her appointment at the clinic? Has she tasted it herself? And most importantly, why not Coca-Cola? Regardless, what a tune.

Lulu James – Stuck
Oh, this is good. Dub-dance with a soul vocal from upcoming Londoner Lulu James. It’s like someone brought Des’ree to 2012.

What we’re NOT listening to: Rihanna and another one of her manufactured albums. Have her fans got themselves a name yet? We suggest Riharseholes.

We also care very little for the new Girls Aloud ballad. This never ends well for you, girls. Stop it.