PressPLAYLIST: The week in music

We’ve pretty much had the highlight of our (admittedly short) career already in the form of meeting the original Sugababes, but we’re still going to carry on bringing you the latest tunes. Because we’re magnanimous like that. We’ve already creamed over the new Foals and London Grammar this week – by far the best of the list, so go listen to them immediately – but here’s what else we’re spinning…

(Also stay tuned for not one, but THREE different end-of-year lists from the PressPLAY crew this week. We spoil you, we know.)

Duke Dumont feat A*M*E – 100%
Oh, this is a nice surprise. Gary Barlow protégée A*M*E wowed us all with her awkward-to-type name and subsequent pure pop number Play The Game Boy. Now she’s popped up on Duke Dumont’s dark dance feature, 100%, to impressive effect. Great production and corking vocals ensure that this lass will have a nice little career no matter which genre she runs with; we haven’t heard a collaboration this surprising since Groove Armada gave Will Young the best song he’ll ever sing.
(PS. We’ve heard the A*M*E album sampler and can confirm that it is indeed very good.)

Bo Keeney – Don’t You Worry
Upcoming doo-wop popper Bo Keeney has released his Don’t You Worry EP, and to be honest it’s quite a divisive prospect. Almost like a Plan B-lite by way of Alex Clare, the title song takes on four different tempos in the space of 3 minutes (including the mandatory dubstep section). It’s intriguing enough, but we’ll reserve judgement until this young ‘un throws something else our way.

Delay Trees – Decide
We all like a bit of melancholic dream pop now and then, and Delay Trees certainly bring the maudlin. While the rest of the album doesn’t quite match up to the opener Decide (below), it’s certainly a beautiful snap of the Finnish band’s potential. Just discount the crap name and you’re sorted.


Tamar Braxton – Love and War
Find us someone over the age of 20 in the English-speaking world that hasn’t heard Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart and we’ll find you an Olly Murs that doesn’t make us nauseous. Younger sister Tamar Braxton doesn’t quite have that one strong hit that will be played ad infinitum by the broken-hearted as they weep in the shower, but Love and War is a belter straight out of the ‘Whitney – I Have Nothing’ mould. Alexandra Burke, take some career notes.

Deco Child – Pray
We’re well aware this is a year old, but for some reason (perhaps having listened to London Grammar) we keep coming back to Deco Child’s Pray, a single released in 2011 but not yet followed up with anything. We’re keeping our ears peeled for more promising beats like this one.