PressPLAYLIST: The Week in Music

Another Sunday, another set of songs to gently massage your ears before the onslaught of the coming week. We’ve already tipped a few things (to be found hither and thither), but here’s what we’re listening to this week, as well as what we’re avoiding more than Sinitta’s back catalogue:

Rhye – Major Minor Love
We creamed over Rhye‘s album a few days ago, so it’s only fitting that we dedicate the top spot to those sweet tones. Major Minor Love burns slowly but ever so brightly, perfect for a winter afternoon. Stream it here.

Alicia Keys – 101
We’ve already complained that we’d rather see an actual Girl on Fire than listen to Alicia Keys’ album of the same name, but when Keys gets it right she properly nails it. 101 is Keys at her best, all aching vocals and bare-boned piano. We just wish she’d do much more of this.

Retro Stefson – Fall
Ok, Icelandic outfit Retro Stefson have a shit name. However, the self-titled album does show glimpses of bouncy promise, notably in the track Fall (below).


Ciara – Got Me Good
Yes, we know this is a few weeks old but we’ve only been active for seven days so cut us some slack. More importantly, if you’re not Ciara and you can’t give us the ghost of Janet Jackson past with this awesome video, you can quite frankly bore off.
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – The Narcissist
We here at PressPLAY don’t think enough people have cottoned on to the fact that boy-girl vibing (not in that way) is clearly the way forward. The xx did moody, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss rocked it, Angus & Julia Stone folk it up, hell even Victoria Beckham & Dane Bowers did it for pop. Anyway, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland have come along with a sultry blues number that gets under your skin before you even know it. Hypnotic.
What we’re NOT listening to:
Tulisa – The Female Boss
We want to like her, we really do. Especially since watching her on the X-Factor has become akin to seeing someone actively suffer from narcolepsy. But once you’ve heard Young, you might as well stop there – an embarrassing rap on the song British Swag and a track with the lyrics ‘I got ma visa, I got ma visa’ are enough to make you long for Dappy. Less FemBoss, more FemBot.
Ke$ha – Warrior
Does Ke$ha actually appeal to anyone outside Dalston? It’s hard to see her live past Warrior, a glitter-covered turd of an album that essentially acts as a guide for How Not to Do Pop. Someone give this girl a scrub and tell her to get her shit sorted, because this is about as much fun as a double mastectomy.