Raja Kumari – The Come Up EP

Oh it’s a small old world, isn’t it? About two or so years ago, we were in LA, climbing atop Runyon Canyon on a random Thursday afternoon thinking we’d be far away from anyone we know. And then we hear a British accent, strike up a conversation with a young man and then talk to the young lady with him. “I’m a recording artist,” she tells us, going by the name of Raja Kumari. We hear some famous names, think “oh, standard LA”, nice enough exchange, and off we part.

Flash forward, and whose debut EP lands in our inbox this week? The very same girl, LA via India, and being touted by some of the industry’s biggest insiders. And we can certainly see why: rather than trading on tired sub-continent tropes (though even when she relents on Meera she nails it), she merges both worlds on The Come Up EP, with songs like The City, Mute andĀ TribeĀ being seriously pure-bred, star-making cuts of R&B. We certainly hope this Come Up lasts much longer, because here’s an artist who actually deserves that sort of rise. Hear the whole thing below.

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Raja Kumari - The Come Up EP
Raja Kumari - The Come Up EP