Scarlet Pleasure – Limbo

If there’s one thing we appreciate more than anything, it’s how important it is for labels and PRs to curate their content as much as blogs do. Copenhagen Records have always been a mark of quality, but recently they’ve upped their game to a brand new level. Case in point: this rather great song from indie-pop act Scarlet Pleasure.

Limbo one is a joy to listen to, a radio-ready jam about “jungle fornication” that makes even the most tired tropical tropes sound fresh. Lead singer Emil Goll says “On ‘Limbo’ we’ve tried to connect the dots between house music and reggae. It’s a song about western party culture, from the speedboats in St. Tropez to the full moon party’s on the shores of Thailand. ‘Limbo’ is also about escaping reality and isolating yourself from the present. A portrait of a generation, sorta.” 

And given the touch of Despacito flavour, he’s definitely not wrong given a vibe that sounds about right for now.

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Scarlet Pleasure - Limbo
Scarlet Pleasure - Limbo