Singles round-up: Arthur Beatrice, Mother, Aquilo, Your Friend

artworks-000071297163-ry9gtj-t500x500Arthur Beatrice – More Scrapes

One of those hype bands that we haven’t quite gotten the hype about, until now. Arthur Beatrice’s More Scrapes has got single-material written all over it, with a lovely if downbeat chorus (“Just waking up at night/ And feeling old”). There’s a moment with every new band where the penny drops for a mainstream audience. For Arthur Beatrice, this is that moment.

artworks-000070158836-s1biup-t500x500Mother – Easy

We’ve had Brother (RIP), and now comes Mother. “Mother is a band from Brooklyn” is about the extent of their self-promotion, but they don’t need to talk any more than the music does. Easy is a brilliant amalgamation of dark-funk-pop-electronica; wherever Mother are headed after this, we’re on board. UPDATE: it’s now confirmed that Mother are in fact fronted by Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley and will probably hook up with Neon Gold Records. Now you know.

artworks-000070494544-zyxiun-t500x500Aquilo – You There

Dialling it down a notch now (you know, in case you’ve had a mournful Friday), we’re going to big up our fellow northerners Ben and Tom from the Lake District, aka Aquilo. It’s by far the most beautiful ballad we’ve heard this year – piano driven, affecting, and as serene as Lake Windermere itself.

artworks-000070615330-wll5uy-t500x500Your Friend – Tame One

Funny that Your Friend’s debut EP is called Jekyll/Hyde, because the start of Tame One starts off as a slow number not too far off Aquilo above. But as it kicks in, it turns into a spectacular shoegazey showcase for Taryn Miller’s talents. Turns out Your Friend really is our friend.