Singles round-up: Azealia Banks, Sleigh Bells, Mastercris, Chromeo

artworks-000057918328-byb74z-t500x500Azealia Banks – Count Contessa

OK, she’s not doing anything groundbreaking – the opening flow is 212 redux – but it’s just nice to see Azealia’s music doing the talking for a change (we think it’s because she took to what we had to say). This ‘ice house’ label is working a treat as there’s still a lot of freshness here… but let’s not even get started on the fact that this is from her second album when we haven’t even had the first yet. Sigh.

avatars-000054292033-h0oqdi-t500x500Sleigh Bells – You Don’t Get Me Twice

On a similar throwback are Sleigh Bells, whose new track is a brilliant 2.0 of their hit Infinity Guitars. The New York duo are dropping their album Bitter Rivals very soon, and this is certainly getting us excited – thrashing guitars, air-punch vocal, what’s not to love?

artworks-000057907983-9oxko5-t500x500Mastercris feat Novika – Most Valued

Another corker from the prolific house of Eskimo Recordings. Portuguese producer Matercris brings Novika along for an indie-drone-dance moment, and it’s seven minutes of happiness. Perfect for getting you limbered up on a dancefloor.

Chromeo-Over-Your-Shoulder-608x608Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

And now over to Chromeo – who we admit we’ve never had time for before – and their opportune Get Lucky meets Blurred Lines track, Over Your Shoulder. Sure, it preaches ‘what matters inside’ malark, but it’s still a bit arrogant and chauvinistic (“I wanna be in the intersection of your thighs” / “I wanna take a bath with you in it” / “Arguably your best policy should be talking to me”). Nevertheless it’s a bona fide toe-tapper, and sometimes that’s all that matters right?