Singles round-up: Denison Witmer, Laura Groves, Emiliana Torrini

artworks-000056966697-przf66-t500x500Denison Witmer – Constant Muse

The fact that Denison Witmer has been making music since 1995 came as a bit of a surprise to us, mainly because we were about 9 years old then. Regardless of his back catalogue, Witmer seems set to gather a brand new audience (us included) with his new single, Constant Muse. There’s simply no other way to describe this beauty apart from saying it’s the song Sufjan Stevens never released – fitting, given Witmer is on the Sufjan’s Asthmatic Kitty label, but there are similarities in their vocals and delivery too; “is my mind at ease/ or am I jaded?” is the sort of line that would link both songbooks. All said, it’s an understated wonder, and we can’t get enough of it.

artworks-000055180719-8jcn56-t500x500Laura Groves – Pale Shadows

Big up our Bradford homegirls – while Natalia Kills is romping through an entirely different genre, former Blue Roses-merchant Laura Groves is bringing back the calm with this dreamy solo number. Pale Shadows starts off slowly, but there’s a wonderfully harmonised chorus that’s to die for; the effect is unprecedented poignancy over lyrics of resignation. We’re very pleased that she’s representing our home town because this is fantastic.

emiliana-torrini-tookahEmiliana Torrini – Speed of Dark

While we didn’t have it in us to entirely review Emiliana Torrini’s new album, Tookah, we will take time out to talk about the lead single, Speed of Dark. A completely entrancing number, it’s a good gateway into the better-than-Spektor stylings of Iceland’s best export since… oh come on, you know who we’re going to say. Speed of Dark sits up there on a fine album with songs like Caterpillar (so terrific) and Autumn Sun – definitely worth seeking out if you like pretty things for your ears.