Singles Round-up: Metals, Branded James, Strange Names, Yuna, Denitia & Sene

artworks-000056741900-59xugg-t500x500Metals – That Ain’t Real Love

Oh, this makes us smile a hell of a lot. Aussie band Metals have produced one of the peppiest, most fun singles of the year in the form of That Ain’t Real Love. We don’t even want to drone on about it (but we will), it’s honestly the sort of dub-pop we’d love to see storm the charts. Awkward rap aside – really, it’s perfect without it – it’s steeped in so much toe-tapping funk we can hardly sit still to write this. Brilliant.

artworks-000056430192-kb5c6k-t500x500Branded James – Close to This

And step forward, Branded James, grabbing the remnants of summer and making them shine so damn hard we’re all blind. It’s gorgeous, washed-out nu-disco, full of Miami Vice flavour, and completely irresistible. We’re looking forward to hearing so much more from this LA wonder; if Close to This is anything to go by, it’s summer all year round for this brand. What a tune.

artworks-000056423329-t04r02-t500x500Strange Names – Strange Revelation

On to the slightly more doleful now, with US band Strange Names and their Strange Revelation. It’s a slow but haunting mesh of Liam Benzvi and Francis Jiminez, with the influence of Talking Heads looming but never overtaking. It may take some time to grow, but when it does it’s wonderful.

artworks-000056430082-gdb14i-t500x500Yuna РRescue 

We’ve got a lot of time for Malaysian-born Yuna Zarai, even though she hasn’t quite made her mark in the UK yet. With her upcoming sophomore album (part-produced by Robin Hannibal of Rhye), there does seem to be a greater chance of that happening – Rescue is candy-floss pop at its finest, steeped in a foxy African safari vibe. It deserves to do well, not least because she’s the only person we know that can make the hijab look fashionable. Lord knows we’ve tried.

artworks-000056378342-64ejat-t500x500Denitia & Sene – Feel Better

And finally, this is pure sex. Electro-soul duo Denitia and Sene bring their Brooklyn vibe to create a wondrous boy-girl dynamic that can certainly be mentioned in the same breath as R&B’s most established peers. Feel Better (we already do) heralds the twosome as a talent to watch out for, and certainly worthy of your time.