Singles round-up: The Night VI, Javeon, Niia, Ecstasy

artworks-000064763912-l74wr6-t500x500The Night VI – Fears

We’ve been a little mean to the Night VI in the past, but that’s only because we loved them so deeply after we heard their first track. So it’s a relief to hear Fears, where it seems like the group have gone back to the drawing board after their over-produced EP and really focused on what matters: a lilting lullaby on the bed of a harp, bringing Sophie-Rose Harper’s vocals to the fore. We really hope they take on more of this in future, because Fears is fragile and beautiful.

artworks-000064902327-gz5bta-t500x500Javeon – Give Up

‘Raven with a J’ Javeon seems to be criminally overlooked in the 2014 lists, but that hasn’t stopped him being ridiculously prolific and consistent. Give Up blends a bit of dance with two-step and it’s really quite addictive. Needless to say, PMR have got yet another winner on their hands.

artworks-000064346361-vrfe82-t500x500Niia – Generation Blue

New York chanteuse Niia’s Generation Blue stands out immediately, in that it has Robin Hannibal’s stamp all over it. Think Rhye x Yuna (both of whom he’s associated with) and you’re almost there; Niia’s husky vocal adds depth to this smooth slow-burner. If it hasn’t charmed you within the first minute, you’ll definitely have melted by the final violin.

avatars-000029052538-k2gbre-t500x500Ecstasy – White Limos

With a name like Ecstasy, you’d hope for something quite euphoric. Luckily this self-styled ‘dream-indie’ group give us quite a high on their new Exhale EP; it’s hard to pick a favourite from it, but White Limos shines as something that wouldn’t have been out of place on M83’s last album. Joyous stuff.