Singles round-up: Tears & Marble, Night Beds, YACHT

artworks-000067141496-pidqic-t500x500Tears & Marble – What Is Love? (Haddaway cover?

After all our grumbling about annoyingly twee covers from last year, along come Dutch outfit Tears & Marble. It’s no mean feat to turn one of the world’s most annoying songs into something quite gentle and moving, but they’ve bloody well and done it and it’s a TREAT.

artworks-000067898306-hiinnw-t500x500Night Beds – Head for the Hills

We loved Winston Yellen’s debut so much that it made our Best of 2013 list. He returns now with the gorgeous Head for the Hills, proving that Country Sleep was no fluke. There’s a bit of added instrumentation this time, but it takes nothing away from just how affecting this man’s work is.

artworks-000065637479-lu6pv6-t500x500YACHT – Plastic Soul

On the other end of the spectrum we have YACHT, who continue sailing along (sorry) with their brand of quirky electronic pop. Plastic Soul is one such jaunty cut – far too summery for January, but we’ll take it nonetheless.