Singles round-up: Ejecta, RAC, Kamp!

artworks-000055758435-0wktyy-t500x500Ejecta – Jeremiah (The Denier)

Tell you what, someone’s cottoned on to our love for song titles that rhyme AND song titles with parentheses. Jeremiah (The Denier) is brilliant electro-stomper from Joel Ford – of Ford & Lopatin – that would make several Scandi dance merchants salivate. Bangin’.

artworks-000055714093-xm29i3-t120x120RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele and MNDR)

We’re glad someone keeps giving Kele Okereke work now that Bloc Party have jumped the shark. This time it comes in the form of RAC, the Montreal producers who were informed by no one that they share their name with an average UK car-breakdown service. Regardless, it’s a solid dance tune with a handful of glitter in the form of pop-mistress MNDR.

artworks-000038893284-u4paf0-t500x500Kamp! – Melt

Kamp! – exclamation mark essential, apparently – have been around for a while, but two singles and an EP later, we’ve only just caught wind of them. A smash in their native Poland, the trio seem ripe for some crossover success; Melt is a brilliant synth-pop number that Fenech-Soler might have produced in a more fruitful life. We’re into it.