Tove Styrke – Say My Name

There is never an argument here: Tove Styrke is the best Tove in the business. That’s not to pit Swedish females against each other, more to say that everything she puts her name to brings with it a freshness and power that few others can match.¬†We’ve been living with Say My Name for a week now and it just keeps growing on us as it continues to confound anyone’s expectation of her.

“Wear it out like a sweater,” she says about that name with delicious knowing – just like she told us in this interview she’s surprised people can pronounce the name, so you can be sure as hell she relishes in the control as she makes sure you remember it one way or another. Have a listen below and revisit our interview with her underneath.


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Tove Styrke - Say My Name
Tove Styrke - Say My Name