We Think we’d Make a Good ‘Ginger One’ in this Band if a Certain Someone Leaves Again

By Steve Earley

So we obviously bumped into Mutya Keisha and Siobhan from the band Mutya Keisha Siobhan last night, here’s what we learned:
  • Mutya has big hair and a piercing in her philtrum. It’s not to our taste, but we doubt Mutya much cares what we think and we love her for it
  • Keisha likes to wait until Christmas Day to open presents. “That’s the whole fun!” she explained in a good point well made
  • As a young Spice Girls fan, Keisha wanted to be Posh Spice, before graduating to wanting to be Melanie C. We started to be surprised by this but then remembered that we used to model ourselves on Lenny Kravitz so that’s …embarrassing.
  • Siobhan is soon to tie the knot. She hasn’t got around to sending out the invites yet though, which is a relief because we were starting to worry that ours had been lost in the post
  • Siobhan has a FASHION BULB APP on her phone which came in handy when a fan discovered the flash on his camera was broken. We helpfully held the phone in the air as the photo was taken, and if we say so ourselves the resulting picture proved we could have a sideline career in something to do with lighting.
  • Their new songs are ‘amazing’ they can’t wait to get out and perform them live. We know that sounds a bit stock-soundbitey but we believed it.
There was a terrible moment when ‘Overload’ came on in the club (nicely timed by DJ Richard X), we made a lame surprised happyface and pointed at Siobhan, and she looked a bit creeped out, and we died a bit inside. But then the photo lighting thing happened and all felt forgiven.
As we walked off to get a pint afterwards we thought to ourselves that they really did seem like three genuinely close pals enjoying being and working together again. We supposed that it’s not that weird that three close friends who fall out in their early teens would then be able to re-connect in their twenties and have fulfilling and successful relationships. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us  did some dickhead things when we were 14. It feels right that they’re back now, and after listening to One Touch again today it’s feels to be very, very exciting to hear what the new stuff sounds like.