Wingtip – Walls (feat. Delacey)

What is it with our mushy little mood today? Must be the sun shining, must be the change in political air. Either way, we’re oh-so smitten with producer Wingtip (aka Brooklyn-based Nicholas Perloff-Giles), who caused a bit of a stir online recently. With vocalist Delacey he takes quite a straightforward stab at the genre on Walls and turns it into something special mainly thanks to sincerity by the acre.

It’s the sort of song that makes you ache in all the right ways, as Wingtip himself explains: “Walls is about knowing that you’ve alienated someone and that they’re gone, but still seeing and feeling them everywhere you go, and how the people you love never really leave you, you carry them like ghosts with you everywhere you move”. Check it out below.

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Wingtip - Walls (feat. Delacey)
Wingtip - Walls (feat. Delacey)