546990_615176961832443_610699888_nPressPLAY has a lot of time for its Yorkshire homestead, though Hull has always been in our bad books since we found out it sired Maureen Lipman. But that’s not the only reason Affairs suddenly come as a joyous surprise – their music is also rather exceptional, even if it probably does nowt to dispel that ‘grim up north’ idea.

We were lucky enough to catch the five-piece at a gig and were genuinely blown away by what we saw. With James Robinson’s rich baritone, almost operatic, over great guitar work (at its best a little bit Foals on Monaco, below), this is a band with massive potential. Besides, now that Editors have pissed their success up the wall, Joy Division have been defunct for about 100 years, and Morrissey has just about completed his transformation into Cruella de Vil, there’s a huge space for an act like Affairs. You need them in your life.