Sweden isn’t all about the Scandipop ladies. Flying the flag for their male counterparts at the moment is Alex Aris, whose new song Can You Feel It blends pop with R&B vibes to make us sit up and take note. We engaged him for a quick Q&A to find out more…

First musical memory?
Madonna’s “Secret”. I remember my parents listening to it in the car all the time and I was so confused by the lyrics. I thought she was singing to her actual baby. I was like, how do you even know? It’s a baby, they can’t even talk!

First album you ever bought?
Probably some “Absolute Hits Vol. 21” shit with a lot of Aqua on it.

Describe your vibe in three words (but then tell us a bit more about how Can You Feel It came along).
Moody, Poppy and Vibes. ’Can You Feel It’ is the product of many grinding years in the music business. I wrote the song together with two amazingly talented songwriter/producers in Sweden. I wanted the sound to walk the fine line between sad and joyful but still keep a good amount of hope. It comes from a very personal place of trying to achieve my dreams but I think the concept resonates with a lot of people of choose to follow their hearts. The phrase ’Can You Feel It’ is in reference to that moment when you’ve almost reached your goal but you gotta hang in there just a little while longer. It’s basically about that slow grind we all go through trying to achieve our dreams.

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?
Such a big question, every piece of culture I consume inspire me on some level. Series, movies, books, art, clothes, clubbing, shows. But when I’m actively looking for inspiration I always go to music and other musicians.

What are your current jams?
Everything by The Blaze.

Your dream collaborations?
Sia and John Hopkins

And finally: Favourite Beyonce song?
1+1 is my favourite.

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