UPCOMING: Austin Paul

AUSTIN PAUL IMAGE 1We love these newcomers, we really do, but by the Christ they don’t make us feel like we’ve achieved absolutely zilch with our lives. One such rising star is 20 (yes, 20) year-old Austin Paul, who’s not only piqued our attention but also that of a certain Mr Pharrell Williams. And given that everything the superstar touches right now turns to gold – he’s even managed to make something saleable out of Robin Thicke and Azealia Banks – you know he’s on to something here.

Luckily young Austin needs nothing other than his music to propel him further. His first European release, Believer, is a smooth cut of electronic R&B: hazy, soulful, and a far cry from all that macho bombast / slow jam whining that so many of his genre peers are guilty of. We’re looking forward to more from this Miami youngling, but if the rest is like this track? Heck, call us all believers.