We don’t normally get attached to acts but Blessed make us beam with pride. The London sister act of Loz and Gee showed so much promise from day one, which has now been recognised in the form of an Island Records signing. Not bad going at all for such a young act, so we decided to bless our own pages and get to know Blessed with our Q&A…

First musical memory?
Loz: In Year 1 I auditioned for a part in the school’s production of Annie and didn’t get a role – their loss!
Gee: My voice was so husky and low when I was younger, so I remember going through all the karaoke tracks on YouTube to try and find a song that would suit me. The struggle was real!

First album you ever bought?
Gee: Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion (had that thing on repeat!).
Loz: Joe – Better Days.

Describe your vibe in three words (but then tell us a bit more about the EP).
Loz: Definitely ‘fun, fresh, and powerful’!
Gee: The EP really does sum up how diverse our sound is and how we want to continue. I love the idea that our overall sound is hard to describe, as we’ve naturally created a different vibe for each song off our EP.

How did you guys decide to form Blessed?
Loz: When we got to about 16 & 18, we started doing everything together and then when we started writing it just clicked. Doesn’t hurt that your sister is your best friend and partner.

With there being two of you, how do you handle the writing process or deal with disagreements in the studio?
Gee: There’s no hiding that we argue, because as sisters it comes very naturally to us! But we’re very lucky that when it comes to creating our music in the studio, usually one of us will come up with the topline for the chorus then the other does the verses.
Loz: You have to be really considerate of each other’s opinion and not biased to your own idea. But honestly we rarely disagree when it come to creating music because we are normally on the same page and know when we both love something.
Gee: Sometimes we’re even in shock at how well our ideas come together!

Congrats on the Island signing. How did it come about, and what was your initial reaction?
Loz: Thank you! We put out Venom on our Soundcloud, and within a week Island had contacted us and asked us to come in. We showed them a collection of songs we had written and they got it straight away. There was so much enthusiasm and shared vision we couldn’t say no and didn’t see any point of looking for anyone else! It just felt right.
Gee: Completely agree. It just feels so good to be signed to a label that understand us as artists.

Back to the trivia… an album you would never listen to again?
Loz: Our little sister has definitely watched “Mamma Mia” way too many times, so I would have to go with ABBA, sorry!
Gee: Yes, too much ABBA for me!

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?
: I feel that I’m more inspired by moments than actual people, although there are many artists that I admire, I think I’m most inspired by my own experiences. It could just be a burst of excitement or even emotionally frustrated, but that’s usually when I write best.
Loz: Constantly trying to better our music every day inspires me, just seeing our own development every day. I also feel so inspired having friends around us that are all pursuing their own dreams and goals and doing well. It helps to have that energy around you.

Any guilty pleasures, musical or non?
Gee: So bad but I love eating raw pasta.
Loz: Whenever I travel I have to bring my comfort blanket I’ve had since I was born!

And finally: Favourite Beyonce song?
Gee: Love On Top. It’s such a feel good song!
Loz: Ego – the first cover video I ever put on Keek!

Blessed’s debut EP ‘See Through All The Colours’ is out now and can be ordered here

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