UPCOMING: Daniel Wilson

We’ve started doing a lot more of these Upcoming Q&As with acts we think have some solid potential. Daniel Wilson is one of those, bursting out fiercer than ever before with two solid jams this year alone. So here he is graciously answering our silly little questions, after which you can stream his not-so-silly tracks…

First musical memory?

I honestly can’t remember!

First album you ever bought?

Hmm. I believe it was Sanctus Real’s Fight The Tide. Or Audio Adrenaline’s Worldwide.

An album you would never listen to again?

Audio Adrenaline’s Worldwide. Haha. It wasn’t bad, that’s just not me anymore… does anyone even know of that album?!

Describe your vibe in three words. Then tell us more about your EP.

Low. High. Striving. The EP is me trying to get over a few things, forgiving myself and others. I am trying to discover who I am, my voice – in and out of my head.

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?

Love, being loved, getting my point across properly, enjoying the music I make, creative freedom, making people feel comfortable with themselves, improving, death.

What are your current jams?

Ella Fitzgerald, Timmy’s Prayer, Judy Garland, Erotic City.

Any guilty pleasures (musical or non)?

Youtube-ing old WWE matches, those little Reese’s cups that come in the bag already unwrapped, shopping when I clearly have no money.

Favourite Beyonce song?

Dude! Green Light. Or Get Me Bodies (the long version). BOTH ARE SO HYPE. Dang, y’all just got me hype.