We do like a bit of Kudu Blue here. The Brighton four-piece have managed to win us over with their deep, soulful trip-hop sound that makes them stand out from all their peers. They’ve just released their Shaded EP, so we grabbed them for a quick chinwag…

First musical memory?

Owen: I think that The Cranberries – Zombie is one of the first songs that I really remember hearing. Its so haunting and powerful, and I remember being a kid and actually being quite scared by it.
Tom: The first memory I can think of was actually my dad asking me whether I would like piano lessons, I can’t really remember hearing any music before that, but I do remember listening to ‘Rubber Soul’ by The Beatles on cassette in his Vauxhall Astra when I was a child.
Creeda: Probably my mum chucking on Christmas albums every year and singing every single word to the same old handful of tunes every year!
Clementine: Sweat – Inner Circle, Running around the coffee table and dancing, it was my favourite track

First album you ever bought?

Owen: AC DC – Back In black. Still a banging album.
Tom: This is one of those questions that I’ll never really know the answer to but I think it was a Kerrang compilation haha.
Creeda: First album I ever bought would probably have been Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory, still love that bad boy!
Clementine: New Found Glory – Sticks and Stones!

Describe your vibe in three words (but then tell us a bit more about the new EP – we’re big fans of Sugar Lemz in particular).

Electro Soul pop probably. It’s always a hard one to answer! The EP was made entirely from our bedrooms. We really wanted to make a small pallet of what we sound like at the moment with this EP. The tracks range from moody electronica, to driving pop, and I think that it captures to some extent what we’re going for. It was a learning process for us as well, both creatively and in production.

There’s a distinct Massive Attack and trip-hop flavour to the new stuff. Was that revival a conscious thing?

Owen: I wouldn’t say that it was a conscious decision, but I was brought up in Bristol and have always listened to Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky so i guess that’s partly why it comes out in the music.
Clem: I think that’s just naturally occurred. I do remember being about 12 and my dad sitting my down and putting on the Blue Lines album, he said “this is real music” that definitely stuck with me.

An album you would never listen to again?

Owen: Guns & Roses- Chinese Democracy. just… no. please. no. I had a guns and roses phase that I’m not too proud of.
Tom: Witch Doctor by The Cartoons.
Creeda: That’s a tough question. Purely because I reckon I’ve heard it over 300 times in my mum’s car, I would have to say Keane – Hopes and Fears.

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?

Owen: Our inspirations vary a lot, and I think that helps us towards making our music unique. As I said I’m personally into Trip Hop, and electronica, as well as ambient music, of the likes of Harold Bud & Tim Hecker.
Creeda: My initial love for music/drumming really started with M the Red Hot Chili Peppers and listening to chad smith on Blood Sugar Sex Magic with my brother. Since then though it’s been a collective of everything from Radiohead, to The Roots, and even more jazzy/world music sorta stuff.

What are your current jams?

Owen: I mean… It’s got to be Kendrick Lamar the whole of Damn. It’s just really good isnt it. Fatima Yamaha is on repeat at the moment too. Love that analog sound.
Tom: I love A Tribe Called Quest, they get played a lot at home, I’ve also recently discovered I love Mac Demarco, particularly the album Another One.
Creeda: Currently, I can’t stop listening to Kaytranada and Anderson .Paak! Legends.
Clementine: Anything that Nicolas Jaar does.



And finally: favourite Beyonce song?

Owen: Beyonce- “Baby Boy stay on my mind, fulfill my fantasy”
Sean Paul- “C’mon girl tell me all your fears”. BANGER.

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