UPCOMING: Maximillian

A few weeks ago, something landed in our inbox from an upcoming Danish kid named Maximillian. A mash-up of Hey Now by London Grammar and Frank Ocean‘s Pink + White. We laughed to ourselves – two of our favourite songs of recent years, possibly of all time. How the hell could someone mash them up?

But we indulged it. After all, Maximillian Rasmussen is only 18 and we figured we might just get a lol out of it. And holy fuck, we couldn’t have been more wrong. What occurred (as you can see below) was a stop-in-your-tracks moment of beauty, a voice that was impossible to dislodge from our brains or our hearts, and a talent that we’d bet our entire savings on for international success.

That’s Maximillian. This is his debut electronic-pop track Higher, one that recalls Troye Sivan and Thomston, but one that stands squarely on its own two feet. Get on board, and learn how to spell the name properly, because you’ll be writing it a hell of a lot after this.

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UPCOMING: Maximillian
UPCOMING: Maximillian