Upcoming: Miguel

Ever since the massive success of Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange this year, it seems the world is crying out for more angsty, paranoid, heartbreaking RnB… but not in that Bruno Mars, Grenade-catching shitey way, or thankfully not that Vince Kidd I’m-so-cool-Dalston-threw-up-on-me schtick. 

Into the arena steps California native Miguel, ready to take on the champions of the anxiety-ridden love song. His album,Kaleidoscope Dream, is a “re-introduction” according to the artist himself, and is a potent mix of wistful dreams, tales of ladies lost and that age old question ‘Is there a God?’ (if you ask in the PressPLAY prayer room there’s a few apparently).

You could describe his sound as being the love-child of a night of drunken passion between The Weeknd and Usher, with Marvin Gaye making an appearance in some sort of step-granddad capacity, watching in the corner while gently rubbing himself. It shuns the popular EDM-ridden RnB tracks polluting the charts and embraces drifting synths and fuzzy guitars.

Miguel’s tracks make quite a listen, despite not attracting the ground-breaking success they certainly should be. Definitely one to place in your ‘Lets Get Sexy’ playlist.
And also, here’s a great live performance of fellow standout The Thrill (thanks to the guys from Yourstru.ly)