Australia’s Odette is only a few songs old, but she’s already making a bit of a name for herself. Her track Take It To The Heart impressed not just us but a whole raft of new fans, and her upcoming debut album is a treat full of songwriting gems. We decided to get to know a bit more about her before things take off even further… 

First musical memory?
Falling asleep to classical music as a kid.

First album you ever bought?
It was ‘Sound of White’ by Missy Higgins.

Describe your vibe in three words (but then tell us a bit more about your debut album).
In three words? I don’t know. Honestly I’m just going with it. I recorded the album here in Australia. Damian, the producer, flew over and we spent a solid week smashing it out. I flew over to LA once it was time to mix and finesse it. It was seriously mind-blowing to gain this new way of creating what’s in my head. I’m really hopeless with technology so to be spending a lot of time just finding the right sounds was really awesome. Damian’s wonderful to work with, very invested in the artists world and creative process. All in all this album has come from a really personal place. It’s quite literally the last few years of my life, in all its very complicated moments. I don’t know what I expect people to take away from it but if I could have someone listen to a song and connect with it, to resonate and understand, that would be ideal. I just want to connect with people.

An album you would never listen to again?
This is shady! I don’t really have any music that I dislike… except maybe screamo. But even then I’ve dabbled. An album I probably won’t listen to again is ‘Witness’ by Katy Perry. Just wasn’t that into it.

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?
I have lots of inspirations! So many. Musical ones would have to be Joanna Newsom, Lianne La Havas, Florence and The Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Laura Mvula, Phillip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto. I could go on and on, I’m constantly listening to music. Some other inspirations of mine would have to be Serena Williams, Cornwall, when it’s really really cold and hikes. I love to just adventure around.

Any guilty pleasures, musical or non?
Desserts. I have such an intense sweet tooth it’s ridiculous. I also listen to a lot of trash music on my down time but I don’t feel guilty about that because they’re bangers.

Your dream collaborations?
This seems obvious, but if someone could contact Adele and get me a duet with her, I think I would die a happy man.

And finally: Favourite Beyonce song?
That’s a difficult question. Probably something I would scream along to when I was a kid. ‘If I Were A Boy’ or ‘Radio’.

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