artworks-000055780744-ft90t0-t500x500Now then, we’ve made our fair share of connections through ‘mutual friends and late nights’ – who says romance can’t be found on the night bus? – but in RAINER’s case, it yielded something much more fruitful. Singer Rebekah Raa (which we like to pronounce as if we’re scaring someone) and producer Casually Here met under such circumstances, and in turn have produced RAINER’s stunning mix of glitch-beats and sonorous vox.

After their first track (Girls) comes the second half of their double-A side, Money, which Raa describes as an ode to the screwed up disparity between effort and reward in life. Heavy. Whatever the thought behind it though, it’s a fresh and challenging bit of electronica that makes us very excited for their future. Have a listen below.