artworks-000051972668-ld3kaq-t500x500Who said nowt good comes out of Birmingham? Well, we did, but that’s because we have a long-standing enmity towards the city of concrete. That’s softening somewhat with the arrival of Brum local Séyi (pronounced seh-yee, not to be confused with mediocre R&B artist Seyi, or even our electronic pal IYES if you’re looking in the mirror).

Séyi’s first release, Icecold (‘ft. my flatmate’), is a delicate fragment of experimental chamber-pop, beautifully layered and, contrary to the title, full of warmth. We’re not sure why this lovely flatmate doesn’t get a proper name-check, but frankly it doesn’t matter – Séyi certainly could be our new falsetto du jour, and this is one of those glimmers of something exceptional that deserves to be signed up immediately.