UPCOMING: Sipprell

There aren’t many acts who have had us entranced with every release. But Sipprell is special, and a proper beacon of homegrown talent with her brand of soulful, classic-sounding R&B. We fired over our quick Q&A to get to know the lady better before she hits that inevitable stardom…

First musical memory?
Auditioning for church choir when I was 6, and practising violin in the mornings with my dad before school. My first songwriting memory was writing songs in my primary school playground with my friend and we would harmonise and go around ‘performing’ to people!

First album you ever bought?
I can’t remember but the first album I actually bought could well have been a Spice girls CD because I was a hardcore fan as a kid! What young girl wasn’t? Before that though I would listen to anything my brothers were playing in the house. Usually music like Radiohead, the Beatles, Queen and of course MJ. When I was younger my brother Vince bought me Mariah Carey #1s. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Brandy’s Never Say Never were some of the first albums I bought after that.

Describe your vibe in three words (but then tell us a bit more about songs like Journey and Trust Issues).
Mellow, emotive, eclectic. Journey was the start of a more instrument led sound for me compared to my EP Letter D which was more electronic (apart from King Confined). It was produced by Ragz Originale, Alastair O’Donnell and Benji Flow. They’re my dream team. Ragz has amazing sonic vision and is able to guide a session in the right direction to suit the sound of the artist. I really love how the track builds throughout like literally going on a Journey. I think all the different elements from the four of us created something special that day.

The latter in particular feels like it belongs to a sub-genre of soul that doesn’t exist any more. Was that conscious?

Trust issues came about pretty organically, I didn’t have a genre in mind for it beforehand. The melody idea came to me when I was driving one evening (It reminded me a of an old school R&B melody) When I got home I had a mess around on my guitar and wrote the lyrics. It started off as an acoustic track with just guitar vocals and strings but I felt like something was missing. I sent it over to Maths Time Joy and he added his magic and brought the song to life.

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?
First and foremost, life experiences inspire me. They are the only thing that make me feel like I have something worth expressing in my music. I’m inspired by so many people in and out of music. James Blake. He’s a genius. Anderson Paak too I really admire as an artist, musician and performer. Any artist who puts quality over quantity and uses their hardships to fuel their success.

Also my brother Vince. He was really encouraging of my music. He achieved so much and worked with many amazing artists. It was inspiring to see a member of my family having a successful music career. He was very experimental musically and he gave me confidence to do my own string arrangements and to be creatively free.

Any guilty pleasures, musical or non?
Come Dine With Me, and any Netflix series that I end up bingeing on! Latest one that got me hooked was the OJ Simpson series. I was obsessed with Black mirror and Fargo.

Your dream collaborations?
Any of the following would be a dream come true! Flying Lotus, Anderson Paak, John Mayer, Noname, Gabriel Garçon Montano, Bonobo.

Favourite Beyonce song?
Dangerously In Love and Resentment.

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UPCOMING: Sipprell
UPCOMING: Sipprell