If you want to talk viral sensations, then Weslee might as well be one of your latest examples. Despite having very little information about them, they mystery duo of Josh and Emma have conquered blogs and playlists with their refreshing mix of styles on songs like Bathwater (below). We didn’t get much out of them, but we did manage to get them to tell us a bit more in our Q&A…

First musical memory?
Emma: Being on the road with my mom.
Josh: Aretha Franklin RESPECT sing alongs

First album you ever bought?
The Fugees

Describe your vibe in three words.
It’s A Vibe

What’s with the mystery and, of course, all the lips?

The mystery started because we wanted to just put out music and leave it at that. The lips came from Koby Martin who is the artist we collaborated with to create the logo; we basically just sent him a lot of pictures we were into and he came back with what has now turned into the face of Weslee.  

Your inspirations, musical and otherwise?
Emma: Musically it’s hard to pinpoint just one inspiration. We both listen to all sorts of stuff that is always changing.
Josh: I think The Neptunes/Pharrell were some of my first inspirations for wanting to make music.

What are your current jams?
Josh: Daniel Caesar – “Get Her”.
Emma: SZA – “Broken Clocks”.

Any guilty pleasures, musical or non?
Emma: Reality TV.
Josh: Gossip Girl.

Your dream collaborations?

Solange, Frank Ocean, and Drake have a baby and then we collaborate with that baby.

And finally: Favourite Beyonce song?
Emma: Signs.
Josh: Can I name my favourite Rihanna song instead? Rude Boy.

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