UPCOMING: Will Joseph Cook

“Upcoming” posts can be a bit beige can’t they? And for someone like Will Joseph Cook, who has just released quite an affable bop in Take Me Dancing, we thought something better might be in order. So here’s a little Q&A for you to get to know the lad better before you stream the track below…

Your initials are WJC so we have to ask: WWWJCD?

Haha, probably get that printed on a t-shirt.

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music (those fools), how would you describe your vibe?

I would describe it as song-centric indie pop.

We understand you left school last year. What have you been doing since then? Any plans for uni or is it music all the way now?

Straight after I finished I was just in the studio as much as I could be. Prior to that everything had to be fitted in around my studies which was frustrating. There are other side projects I am working on but it’s all pinned to what I’m doing with my music. Very content not having to go to uni, despite getting no student discounts.

Do people often underestimate you because of your age?

I don’t think so, a lot of bands get signed around my age and much younger. I mean Mozart wrote his first symphony at 8 so I’m really lagging.

Tell us how you got snapped up by Atlantic.

I’m pretty sure Jordan, my A&R, had just heard about me through other scouts and then came to all my first few London shows in little bars and alike. We had a good connection and there wasn’t any bullshit so it worked. I feel very lucky to be able to work with him/the label. 

What are the good and bad sides of being with a major label?

A negative that most people would say is a lot of artists, especially younger ones, don’t get as much breathing space or creative control. I’m glad that no one made me drop out of school or pushed me into a bunch of co-writing sessions. I think it’s down to the individuals you work with within the label though and can be avoided. So far no one has fucked with my ideas or said I can’t do something, this is a definite plus. One of the best positives is that if you have ambitious ideas, a major can give you the push to make them happen. 

What’s next for WJC?

Next single is very soon, as is a new video to follow it. Hopefully lots more live to follow moving into autumn after festival

What are you listening to these days?

The latest EP from Liss is really good. I’ve also been listening back through Tyler, The Creator’s albums and early Wilco.

Finally, the question that reveals a lot about a person: favourite Beyonce song?

Crazy In Love!


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UPCOMING: Will Joseph Cook
UPCOMING: Will Joseph Cook